“Eugenio has been repairing and improving my flute for almost 10 years, and there's no one I trust more. The quality of his work is outstanding, and he gets the job done quickly. In one instance, I sent my flute from Miami to Eugenio in Boston for a quick fix, and got it back in under 48 hours, good as new.”

Clint Foreman

Boston Symphony, Boston, MA

"Eugenio is a stellar technician and craftsman. I am continually impressed with his work ethic and attention to detail. In today's busy professional world it is nice to be able to count on superb services such as his. He is the only person I trust with my instruments and will continue to do so for decades."

Claire Kuebler, DMA

Washington, DC

“Eugenio is the only person who I can send my flute to in the whole world. I don't need to explain about my problems of my flute to him. I just need to send him it and he adjusts it and fixes it!

He is the best!!!”


Dr. Ju-Hee Kim, Seoul, Korea

“I don't trust my flute with anyone but Eugenio. He always does an incredible, thorough job, and my flute comes back sounding better than new. I love that he takes the time to catch every flaw, making sure it sounds just right before sending it back. That said, he never keeps my flute too long, and I know that if I was on a deadline, he would never be late. His work lasts, which helps people like me who often neglect to send the flute in on a regular basis. I have never needed to send it back for something he has missed and have recommended his work to anyone who will listen. I always look forward to the moment when I get my flute back, hear how beautiful he has made it sound, and remember why I love this instrument.”

Dr. Meg Griffith, Dallas, TX

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“Eugenio has maintained my flute for over 12 years and it plays better than it did when I purchased it! His relentless pursuit of mechanical perfection and the utmost in tolerances, combined with an astute performer’s sensibilities, results in work of the absolute highest quality. I will continue to have all my instruments maintained by him until my last note!”

Brian A. Luce, D.M.A.

Associate Professor, Flute

Yamaha Performing Artist

“Mr. Righi overhauled my wooden flute, and my piccolo. When I got the instruments back, the quality of the work was magnificent! They played much better than when I had gotten them new. I haven't had a problem with my flute and piccolo since I had them overhauled, and I plan to have Mr. Righi repair them again when needed. If you need a quality repair, go with Mr. Righi!”


Charles Page, Tuscaloosa, AL 

“Mr. Righi is the only person I trust to repair my flute and piccolo. He always pays meticulous attention to detail, and my flute/piccolo plays beautifully when he is finished. The instruments are always done when promised and he is happy to speak in depth about the work that was needed. I have been sending my instruments to Mr. Righi for the past 10 years and highly recommend him to all of my colleagues.”

Elizabeth Kitson, Principal Flute, Catskill Symphony and Utica Symphony Orchestra

"I have used Eugenio's services on my flute for years. I love how my flute feels under my fingers when I get it back from him. He is very thorough, and I appreciate that he always takes the time to clearly explain issues particular to my instrument. I highly recommend his services to anyone.”

Clara Loy, freelance artist and teacher, St. Louis, MO.

“I can’t say enough how pleased I am about Eugenio’s work. He diagnosed the problem quickly, and patiently and thoroughly explained it to me. He sent very detailed emails including photos of what he was describing, and took the time to explain the problems over the telephone as well. His work is the finest I have ever encountered. Because he is a flute maker and an excellent flutist as well as a repair technician, he is able to offer more extensive repair work than normally offered. For example, he knew exactly how to custom-rework my left hand keys so that my high F sharp would speak without fail every time despite my rather heavy-handedness.  The evenness of the adjustment over the right and left sides is remarkable. It gives me a great sense of  peace and confidence to know that the notes will speak when I finger them. I’ve been playing on these new Straubinger pads for several weeks now and the flute plays better than new. It’s so nice to be reminded of why I bought this flute in the first place. Thank-you so much Eugenio!! “ 

Jeannette Hirasawa Moore
M. Mus. Perf., University of Toronto
The Ponderosa Players 
Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra,
Flagstaff AZ

“Mr. Righi has been working on my flute for 6 years and I am continually pleased with the results.   After an appointment with him my flute feels brand new. I appreciate the time and care he takes with my instrument and I know the work is of the highest quality. I highly recommend his services!”

Tara Richter, Fort Worth TX